Oct. 12 School Council Meeting Agenda

da Vinci School Council 2011/2012 Executive Meeting # 1
Oct 12, 2011
6:30-8:30 pm

    1. Who we are:  15 mins (6:30-6:45)
      welcome and introductions – each S.C.E. member to introduce themselves, provide a brief personal “bio” on who they are and how they came to be here
    2. Why we’re here:  10 mins (6:45-6:55)
      review of TDSB mandate for da Vinci School, the da Vinci School Council by-law, the TDSB mandate for school councils, and highlights from Ontario Ministry of Education Guide for school council members
    3. Who we represent:20 mins (6:55-7:15)
      • da Vinci students and staff – Beth to present a brief history of the school, a summary of our current student population, discuss the impact of numbers on staffing and future of the school, and elaborate on her roles and responsibilities
      • 2010/2011 da Vinci community survey – Mary to present a summary of the results from the parent and teacher survey taken last June

      — short break  if ahead of schedule —

    4. Setting our priorities:40 Min (7:15 – 7:55)
      • CPR – Richard to introduce CPR, a methodology and approach to goal setting
      • brainstorming session on our goals for the school, and focus for the school council  –  considering our mandate, the community concerns brought forward in the survey, and their own thoughts, the whole group to brainstorm ideas for school goals and council focus
      • setting time and action – the whole group to contemplate all of the ideas put forward in the brainstorming, and prioritize into a timeline of goals: Immediate (this week, this month), Short Term (this term, spring term, this school year), and Long Term (2 yr plan, 5 yr plan, 10 yr plan) (long term items could include ideas needing further community consultation to be formulated into actions)

      — short break if ahead of schedule —

    5. How we get there: 25 min (7:55-8:20)
      • identify resources – whole group discussion of potential resources to draw upon  to meet the goals we have set
      • committees – whole group discuss and set a proposal for roster of committees needed to meet the goals, action plan to set up committees, structure their work, establish lines of communication between committees and SCE, and define committee’s accountability to the SCE
    6. Scheduling: 5  min  (8:20-8:25)
      review calendar of school events and schedule the year’s school council meetings, both executive and general
    7. Closing summary: 5  min (8:25-8:30)
      review take away tasks

School Council Executive Members:

Beth Mills, School Principal
Robin Holmes-Smith, School Vice-Principal,
teacher representative tbc,
Richard Stewart, co-chair,
Mary Ptucha, co-chair,
Nicole Winston, secretary,
Cheryl Hooper, treasurer,
Cindy Waldman, member-at-large,
Carolina Berinstein, member-at-large