Oct. 4 School Council Meeting Agenda

AGENDA – Da Vinci Parent Council Meeting – October 4 – 7 to 8 p.m.

  1. Welcome – 5 minutes
  2. Prinicpal message – 5 minutes (Beth Mills)
    • Ask who is stepping forward for the Co-chair positions of the parent council.  If only 2 people step forward, they will be acclaimed there and then, and they can present themselves to the community.  If more than 2 people are running, they will each get 5 minutes to present themselves to the community and 5 minutes to answer questions if anyone has any.
    • Ask who is stepping forward for the other positions (Secretary and Treasurer).  Again, if there is no competition, they will be acclaimed – and if not, there will be a vote.
    • Ask who is stepping forward to be a member at large.
  4. Talk about how the voting will work (if there is going to be a vote).  Everyone will have an opportunity to vote until October 11th.  There will be an announcement sent out to parents announcing the new executive and then they can decide when the next parent council meeting will be.
  5. End Meeting (5 minutes)