News from da Vinci School Council, Oct 22, 2012

The community needs committed volunteers to step forward for elected positions on the 2012/2013 da Vinci School Council Executive, and for the positions of da Vinci School Council Ambassadors on TDSB advisory committees.

If you are interested in running for a position, please fill out this self-nomination form and submit to the da Vinci office no later than Friday, Oct 26th, so the names and ballots can be circulated to the community.

A candidates list will be published on the school website Wednesday Oct 31st.

If there is no more than one nominee per position, then the positions will be acclaimed.

If there are multiple nominees, ballots will be sent to each family, as per the By-Laws, and an election will be held through ballot and at the next General School Council Meeting on Wednesday Nov 7th, 6 pm.


Here is a list of the positions open for election, with a brief summary of the duties of each, as outlined in the By-Laws, decided by the whole school community during the first year of operation.


For a complete description of each position and more information on how the Council operates, please see the School Council By-Laws, on the school website, in the Parent Corner, under Archives:


School Council Executive:

  • Co-Chairs (2): convene and chair School Council Meetings; liaise with teachers and administration; liaise

with wider community outside da Vinci School; act as principal communication hub for da Vinci School Council

Treasurer (1, with option of 1 alternate): co-signing authority for cheques along with da Vinci Principal;

monthly review of the records of financial transactions of the School Council and to report on this data

at monthly School Council Meetings (and to the TDSB and Ministry through the PSAB report).

Secretary (1, with option of 1 alternate): circulate agendas for General School Council Meetings and

School Council Executive Meetings to all members of the School Council at least 48 hours in advance;

record and distribute Meeting minutes to all members of the School Council in a timely fashion

  •  Members at Large (up to 3)


General duties of all Executive members: to attend all School Council Meetings; formulate/co-ordinate

proposals for parent-driven school activities/development; propose slate of Committees; facilitate and

coordinate the work of Committees ; oversee the implementation of School Council decisions


Da Vinci Ambassadors:

Represent the da Vinci School Council by sitting on specific TDSB committees, and report back to the da Vinci School Council on the work of those groups. Some examples of positions available are:

Da Vinci Ward 10 Rep (1 or 2): elected (or acclaimed); a volunteer who will attend the Ward

Council monthly meetings and report back to the school council.

Da Vinci ASAC (Alternative Schools Advisory Committee) Rep (1 or 2): elected (or acclaimed); a

volunteer who will attend the ASAC monthly meetings and report back to the school council.

If you are considering running for a position, but would like more information, or to talk to current

executive members, please feel free to contact the current school council co-chair, Mary Ptucha or one of the other 2011-12 executive members:

Richard Stewart, Carolina Berinstein, Cindy Waldman, Lisa Marson, Cheryl Hooper.