October School Council Meeting

On Oct. 21st we had a school council meeting.

Full meeting minutes can be read here:
Parent Corner: Archives

The agenda included:

  • Teacher’s Report
  • Principal’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Ward Council
  • Classroom Reps
  • Business arising from the September minutes
  • New Business:

      • Can French start in grade 3?
      • The TDSB 5 year review
      • Possibly starting a Waldorf committee
      • Winter Solstice Fair is scheduled for December 16

    Craft circle every Tuesday morning that is in a drop in formatIdeas about how to get more parents out to the meetings


Next meeting dates:

Wednesday, November 19
Thursday, December 18
Monday, January 19
Tuesday, February 24
Wednesday, March 25
Thursday, April 23
Monday, May 25
Tuesday, June 23



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