Bird of The Month: House Sparrow

Ron (grandpa of Jordan and Xavier) is big on birds, and he kindly agrees to submit some cool bird info every month. Do you know that there remains a sparrow’s nest inside a light cage on the side of the school building in the school play ground?

Sperling ( ID: 94ddc7167a0031c7d63e96820f11b57f)
Male House Sparrow

Family: PLOCEIDAE Sparrows; House Sparrow – Passer domesticus is a bird of the
sparrow family Passeridae
Length: 61⁄2 in.
Description: This bird, not native to North America has adapted since introduction during the nineteenth century.
Small noisy bird with a black throat & bib & chestnut markings, generally seen in small flocks. The female is unmarked.
Habitat: Generally near human habitations. Resident to the area all year


Female House Sparrow

Nest: Made up of straw/grass/ feathers, etc loosely made in any convenient place on a building
Eggs: 4-6 completely brown or grey covered in speckles, laid in spring to late summer early
Food: Grain/seed/insects
Notes: Variety of monotonous series of “chirps” & noisy “churrs” usually very loud & aggressive
Ref.: Birds of Toronto and vicinity by Gerald McKeating

Post by: Ron Corton
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