October: Teacher’s Corner

A brief glimpse into da Vinci school life

Ash Class
Ash class is beginning a Roots of Empathy program. The program involves a newborn baby visiting the classroom three times a month throughout the school year so that the kindergartners may follow the baby’s progress. In fact, they are looking for a baby to help out! If you have or know of a baby that is between 2 and 4 months old that would like to visit Ash class this year, please contact Bernadette Spain or leave a message with Kim in the office.

Sumach Class
Sumach class celebrated fall with a harvest festival.  It included a dance to offer sumach to the gods and a song about sumach.  The class made sumach-ade with fresh sumach picked by Ms. Wortley.  Many families attended and provided foods prepared with sumach.

Oak Class
Weaving has begun in Oak Class. The Grade 3s started building their looms last week and the grade 4s began stringing their looms from last year. They are also learning about the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers (Anishinaabe).

Cedar Class
The class is conducting a deep inquiry into today’s migrant crisis. The students are comparing the plight of the many refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iran to past immigration crises throughout Canadian history.

Mr. Leung
Please be prepared to go to outside learning, even in wet weather! There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad
preparation for it! Mr. Leung will be running a Frisbee Club on Thursdays for grades 1-6. Grade 1-3 students are welcome to take part with their parent/guardian. Grade 4-6 students must get and submit a permission form from the office.

Mr. Berger
In Outdoor Science, Oak Class is studying habitats and communities, and taking a close look at the living things that are in and around our city and all the ways they are connected. In Cedar Class, we are studying the biodiversity in our school community taking particular attention to plants that are growing in our backyard. Grade 3/4 Math is studying 2D and 3D shapes. We are currently looking at the properties and attributes of various shapes and all the ways we can sort them. It has been a great start to my school year in this new community. Thank you to everyone for welcoming me and making me feel comfortable so quickly!!! If you haven’t already, please come and introduce yourself.

October 27th : Parent Council Meeting @ 6:30pm
October 31st : Halloween!
November 10th : Lantern Walk
December : Winter Fair, date & time to be determined.

+Pizza Tuesdays are back! Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and Gluten Free Cheese Pizza options! $2.00 a slice, available at lunch. Proceeds support Da Vinci in purchasing Waldorf supplies and with guest artists!