September 2015 Parent Council Meeting

daVinci Alternative School
Parent Council Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 28th, 2015

Present: Beth Mills, Ted Vella, Yakos Spiliotopoulos, Daphna Buchsbaum, Rebecca Keats, Norah Peterson, Cheryl Hooper, Roger Mendonca, Anna Hrothgar, Lina (?), Burgundy Code, Lisa Freeman, Karina Haber

Welcome and Introductions.

Presentation by Yakos Spiliotopoulos of the Chess Institute of Canada re: bringing a chess club to da Vinci. They are a non profit organization and are in 100+ schools. They are offering to run a lunch or after school chess program. Each session would be 8-10 weeks long. Cost would be about $13/child for a cost of $104/child/session. An after school program seemed to give more bang for the buck. They would pick up da Vinci kids at 3:10 and run the program in the library for an hour starting at 3:30. Possibly in conjunction with Lord Lansdowne. This may need to wait until after the labour action is complete. We are trying to gauge interest. There is a subsidy available if cost is an issue. If you would like your child/children to participate please let me know

Principal’s Report

  • Labour action is ongoing. We are hoping for a December concert but not sure.
  • X Country has 93 kids signed up. Race will be at Ashbirdges Bay on Oct 8th. 10am start. School bus shuttle to and from event.
    If you can volunteer on that day please contact
  • Meetings continue in regards to our playground redesign. Recap: we received $890 000 as compensation for the 17 storey building replacing the Waverly Hotel. We have some parents and staff from da Vinci involved in the process. Due to this large amount of money LLPS has forfeited the Ministry Grant of $37 000 for a kindergarten outdoor classroom.
  • possibility of a canoe coming to host a wilderness garden
  • We got 4 bike racks from the Pan Am games.
  • Info night will be on Thurs Jan 21st.
  • Ash class 26 students
    Sumach 22
    Oak 18
    Cedar 11
  • Wed Oct 14th is photo day. It will proceed. Forms and money and handouts are not being done by teachers so payment will need to be online. The package that comes home with the pictures explains how to do this.
  • We received a Parent Reaching Out Grant. We will be running a series of Restorative Practices workshops again.
  • If your child is to be absent from school for an extended period of time eg. trip out of country, technically you need to ask the Principal’s permission. Some forms must be completed and a plan of action developed with your child’s teacher. Speak to Kim Grasby for forms. Otherwise you risk forfeiting your spot at da Vinci.
  • Lantern walk may not have teacher involvement this year. May have to be parent led.
  • If you wish to volunteer in any classroom, please fill out the paperwork for a criminal record check. Available from the Lord Lansdowne office.Treasurer’s Report

    We have no money. We will be sending out an ask for money shortly. Please give generously so we can provide our students with some amazing Waldorf supplies.

    Your 2015/16 Executive

    Chair- Joanne Blanchette
    Secretary- Lisa Freeman and Karina Haber Treasurer- Cheryl Hooper and Anna Hrothgar

    Adjourned: 19:55
    Next Meeting Tues Oct 27th.