Class Updates: Sumach (Grades 1/2)



Sumach Class has started a Drama/Literacy project called “The Mysterious Egg”. While acting in role as children from a jungle village, we discovered a motherless egg with an attached note written in code. The children then decoded the message, which read: Please protect this egg. Save my sweet baby!

Since then, the children made a plan to take care of the egg, saved it from the evil Dr. Singh and used non-fiction books to research different types of eggs and the hatching process. Then, last week, the egg hatched!!! The children have not yet let anybody see the creature but have named it, Muffy, and described it to a reporter from Endangered Species Monthly as being a sort of colourful dragon-like creature with fur, polka-dots, stripes, a hooked beak and a curly tongue.

The role play will continue in February and our ultimate goal is to recreate and retell the story using shadow puppet theatre. More updates to come!