Student Works: Ash Class


Ash Class – Shhh… We are watching the mourning doves Ms. Smith

A few of the children saw a bird going back and forth from just outside the gate and back to the electrical box attached to the brick wall. “What’s that bird doing?” Yael asked. She kept watching with a few of her friends, their heads turning back and forth. Ash class decided to take on this inspiring learning opportunity.

The children demonstrated an awareness of the natural and built environment through hands-on investigation observation, questions, and representation of their findings. They explored with many different tools, natural and recycled materials to create a variety of art forms. For example, they brought in materials to make their own nests, such as wire, yarn, string, pipe cleaner, paper and dryer lint. They also used natural materials outdoors to make their next creations. The children used many problem-solving skills and their imagination to make their creations as they were figuring out how to attach things to their nest. They also explored the use of watercolour crayons combined with paint to make paintings of the Mourning Doves.