Boomerang Lunch at Lord Lansdowne and da Vinci

A message from the Eco Team:


Beginning in the New Year (Jan. 9th), Lord Lansdowne and daVinci schools will be starting the practice of boomerang lunch as part of our effort to minimize waste.

A boomerang lunch means that any uneaten food and any waste material produced is returned home. Garbage can then be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at home. We will have garbage/recycling and compost bins available in the gym from now until Dec. 23d. Starting in the New Year, they will be removed. Please note that for sanitary purposes, it is important that food and waste packaging be taken home in a resealable container or bag.

A boomerang lunch will allow parents to see what their children are actually eating during the day. A significant amount of waste is made up of unopened packaged foods, uneaten fruit, juice boxes, half eaten sandwiches. Parents will be able to cut back on avoidable food waste (food that is edible but is being thrown out).

Boomerang lunch helps families reconsider the way they purchase, prepare and pack food for school.

Remember that a waste-free lunch is the ideal! This is different from the boomerang lunch as it contains no throw-away packaging and produces no food waste. Food and drinks are packed in reusable containers within a reusable lunch bag. Some families do this already. This is a future goal to aim for!

Some Waste-Free Lunch Tips:

  • Instead of expensive plastic sandwich bags, one reusable container can be used for packing snacks, sandwiches etc. No more squished food!
  • Cut fruit and vegetables into pieces so that some can be eaten at lunch and the rest saved for a later snack.
  • Prepare extra food at dinnertime and use the leftovers for lunches.
  • Label all containers to ensure that they return home if lost.
  • Minimize the morning rush (when you’ll reach for convenience, over-packaged items). Pack lunches the night before
    and refrigerate overnight.
  • Avoid drinks in packaging that cannot be resealed. After a few sips, drinks are often discarded.