da Vinci Winter Concert

Season’s Greetings to the da Vinci community,
Please join us for the da Vinci Winter Concert on Wednesday December 21, 2016 from 2-3pm in the gymnasium.
We ask that students wear dark bottoms and white or light-coloured tops for the performance. 
After the concert, students will return to their classes for dismissal to the Spadina doors. Once regular dismissal is complete, parents can supervise their children in the gym for the parent-organized Winter Fair (optional). More information about the Winter Fair will be provided by the organizers in another email. 
Mr. Leung is organizing a da Vinci Sing-A-Long as part of the Winter Fair. There is a form for everyone to select their favourite songs, suggest some different songs, and volunteer to help. 
da Vinci Staff
ps. Please let your child’s teacher know in writing if you and/or your child are not able to participate in the concert.