OPAL wants to re-use your trees!

Dear families,
Lord Lansdowne/da Vinci is part of a program in the TDSB for Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL). Our OPAL Team includes Ms. Beth Mills, Mme. Jorien Berg, Ms. Jodi Smith, Ms. Bernadette Spain, Mr. Peyton Leung and Mr. Dave Yung.

As part of the OPAL initiative, we will be collecting your used Christmas trees as materials for students to play with.
Photo: Ms. Mills in a fort she made at a session on outdoor play and learning at the Humber Arboretum. 
After the holidays, you may drop off your tree by the sand pit/target on the south fence in the schoolyard. We will accept trees until Friday January 13, 2017
We are looking forward to seeing the students use these natural materials in their play. Please feel free to contact any team member with questions or ideas. 
Thank-you and have a safe and playful holiday!
Your LL/da Vinci OPAL Team