OPAL request

WE NEED A PARENT WITH A PICK UP TRUCK TO DO US A BIG FAVOUR…Please contact us (Ticia or anyone on the Parent Council)

Ticia has found a source for wooden spools, and they are FREE. The issue is that they are in Markham and can only be picked up Mon.-Friday. from 8:30am-4pm. We have been looking for a supplier – as the spools are a HUGE favourite – but until now, could not find them for FREE. I had tried to see if I could pick them up this weekend in our car, but they are 66′ wide! If you have the time, the right sized truck, and could support the school in picking these up please see the owner’s reply and contact George.

For those who are not familiar with the OPAL program, our students thoroughly enjoy their play experiences with OPAL and “Loose Parts”. This enriches their play, allows for deepening their connection with nature and place based learning, develops social reasoning and collaboration with others, promotes problem solving and provides authentic opportunities to support gross motor development and co-ordination.

All of the materials we have come from rethinking, reusing and re-purposing items from home and the community. To continue to provide students with new play experiences we need to add to our collection of loose parts on an on-going basis. Most recently, we asked for your support in helping us out by bringing old Christmas trees to the school for the children to use. Now, we need your help to assist us on our hunt for new treasures both large and small.

Milk Crates
Old Stuffies
Plastic Plumbing Pipe of Various Sizes (Clean)
Pool Noodles
Pots and Pans (handles missing OKAY!)
Kitchen Utensils (spatulas, tongs, flippers)
Lamp Shades
Tarps (can have holes)
Wooden Spools
Large Foam Pieces
Small Area Rugs
Construction Helmets
Expired Helmets (hockey, skiing)
Snow Shoes
5 Gallon Pails
Appliance boxes (fridge, stove, washer, dryer)

ANY items that you can donate would be greatly appreciated. They can be brought to school and left in front of the storage shed by the large play structure if they are large items. Smaller items can be given to Mr. Leung, Ms. Smith, Ms. Spain or Ms. Heibein. If you are able to pick up the spools, please speak to Ms. Heibein and she will co-ordinate with the care taking staff to open the fence so you can back in to unload directly into the school yard. Thank you in advance for supporting our OPAL round-up. We appreciate all you do for our community and our children.

With gratitude,