Construction Update

In follow-up to the community meeting held at Lord Lansdowne on September 26, we have consulted with TDSB Occupational Health and Safety regarding parents’ requests to investigate the following: building a second physical barrier on Board property, the testing of sand in the school’s sandbox and on-going air quality and noise monitoring. 

Physical Barrier

The developer will be building an 8ft plywood hoarding along the west and north side of the construction site. The TDSB has asked for an update on the anticipated completion date of the plywood hoarding and will update the school community as soon as we hear back. 

At this point in time, there is no evidence to suggest that a secondary barrier of any kind is required and would be beneficial. Adding an additional hoarding may add more hazards than protection.

The TDSB will continue monitoring the development to ensure the safety of students and staff.

In addition, the TDSB will be confirming with the developer, whether a water tank has been obtained to keep dust and debris supressed within the construction zone. The addition of a water tank would be used to keep vehicles exiting the compound clean, reducing the potential for airborne particulates from exiting the compound and causing sidewalks and roadways from becoming saturated with dust/debris.  

Testing of Playground Sand

The sandbox doesn’t represent a source of contaminants as the contractor has an obligation to remove all designated substances such as asbestos and lead prior to demolition.

The TDSB will continue monitoring the development and conducting air quality and noise testing as needed.

Any visual hazards identified by staff or other users of the sandbox should be brought to the attention of the school’s caretaker. As part of TDSB standard procedures, the caretaker inspects the grounds for visual hazards and implements immediate controls if any hazards are found.

On-going air quality and noise monitoring

Additional noise and air quality testing will be conducted by ECOH, an external environmental consultant, once excavation starts. The TDSB is waiting for confirmation from the developer on the excavation start date.  

The TDSB will continue monitoring the development, and testing air quality and noise levels as needed to ensure the safety of students and staff. Should parents/guardians have any concerns, they should contact the school principal.

Student art project

At the September 26th community meeting at Lord Lansdowne, parents also expressed interest in coordinating a student art project to cover construction hoarding of 484 Spadina Ave. This was discussed at the May 15th meeting at Lord Lansdowne and TDSB staff is following up with the developer to confirm the feasibility of this project.