Foundations Studies – from the Rudolf Steiner Centre

Foundation Studies for Downtown Participants – from the Rudolf Steiner Centre
People have told us they wanted to take our Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy program but it wasn’t possible for them to travel up to Thornhill to do it. We have listened, and starting in September we will be presenting a second edition of this course at a convenient location in downtown Toronto.

The program is designed for people who want to know more about Rudolf Steiner’s work, either for their own enlightenment or as a preparation for Waldorf teacher education. The program will be offered in a new format:

Most of the program will be presented every second Saturday, starting September 17 and ending in June 2012. The themes of these Saturday sessions will include Rudolf Steiner’s significance in 20th century history and philosophy; Steiner’s understanding of the human being; biography work and destiny learning; anthroposophical medicine; and bio-dynamic farming. Each Saturday will include at least one artistic activity, such as watercolour painting, eurythmy, or spacial dynamics®.

There will also be seven Tuesday early evening sessions, weekly from September 27, on the history of art and human consciousness*.

The course also requires independent reading, journaling, and individual mentoring, plus six hours of attendance at Waldorf or other anthroposophically based conferences and lectures.

The program will be presented at Waldorf Academy, 250 Madison Avenue, Toronto, off Davenport Road just below Casa Loma. Further details of enrolment, fees, and faculty are available on the website of the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto,, in a brochure available at the Centre or at Waldorf Academy, or by calling the registrar at the Centre at 905-764-7570.

*Please note that “The history of art and human consciousness” is also available as a seven-week subscription series if you are not taking the full program.

To register or for more information please contact us.
Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto
Tel. 905-764-7570

For full program details please visit our website

Parent Council Meeting – Thursday September 15 – 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. (after potluck)

Welcome to school from your parent council co-chairs, David Buchbinder and Maryem Tollar.  We hope you have had a wonderful first week of school and are settling into a nice rhythm with your children.


We have some wonderful community events coming up where you will get a chance to meet other parents in the Da Vinci Community and find out the many different ways you can be involved.  We are a young school, and over the last year have established effective working committees of the Parent Council that are engaged with such community development activities as planning for a school garden, creating and managing the school website, working on outreach and recruitment, and creating the Winter Fair (a highlight of each of our first two years). Even for those of you whose schedules only allow for a limited involvement, there is much opportunity to join in building the community energy and action, for our kids and ourselves.


On Thursday, September 15, 2011, there will be a Da Vinci Potluck dinner in lieu of the Lord Lansdowne Welcome Barbecue which had to be cancelled, unfortunately.  We invite all Da Vinci families to attend.  Please bring a main dish, salad or dessert as you are able.  The potluck will begin at 5 p.m. in the Staff Room and we will have our first Da Vinci Parent Council Meeting right after that from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  In the spirit of our children’s litterless lunches, we ask that you bring your own plates, cutlery and cups which can return home with you.


At this meeting you will meet the current Executive Committee of the parent council and find out what roles you can run for and how to do it.   Childcare will be provided.  I encourage you all to make your best effort to come out so we can meet each other and plan for the new school year.