A place for nurturing

My daughter needed a warm environment that would nurture her tremendous spirit, creativity, and voice.  I believe her education to be attended when she is a participant in it.  Da Vinci allows her to succeed in her areas of interest by providing an inclusive and arts integrated curriculum.  When confronted, within a choice of public alternative schools, between a social justice focus and an inspired-by-Waldorf, sustainable environmental focus, I decided that da Vinci is more successful in developing social responsibility by highlighting the authentic connections between all things and by respectfully attending diverse expressions. Children who are free to communicate uniquely the beauty they witness in the world are happy, caring people.

Theresa Van Neste

A better environment for my children

The summer before Da Vinci opened, I knew I had to find a different environment for my children to go to school.  I heard about Da Vinci through word of mouth, a new school that was about to open that was inspired by Waldorf.  I registered my children not knowing what that meant, but set out to educate myself about Waldorf Education.  I took an introductory course to Waldorf Education given by Gene Campbell at the Rudolf Steiner Centre along with the Da Vinci Teachers and the philosophy resonated very strongly with what I felt were the needs of children in their education.  I love the holistic approach and meeting the children at their developmental stage of development.

Maryem Tollar

Inspired by the meeting of public education and Waldorf

It has been my wish for as long as I have been a parent to send my daughter to a school like da Vinci.  I have the deepest respect for the wisdom of Waldorf education and am also a great supporter of public education – the meeting of these two worlds is very exciting to me.  It is also inspiring to have come to da Vinci in its earliest days and to be part of co-creating the vibrant school culture.

Roula Said
Event Committee Chair
Communications Committee Member

My introduction to Waldorf

My introduction to Waldorf pedagogy coincided with my discovery of the da Vinci school. I knew very little about Rudolph Steiner and Waldorf education when I first heard about da Vinci, but the thing that really drew me into the school were the parents. Everyone I talked to really seemed to share many of the values that I hold. I sensed a real commitment to art, nature and holistic, gentle living. Then, as I learned more about the innovative and progressive curriculum that was meant to be part of the Toronto school board while also being inspired and influenced by the Waldorf methodology, I knew that this was the right school for my children.

-Ian Hooper