davinci-logo_sm.pngBackground & Philosophy

da Vinci Alternative Public School was initiated by a proposal from several parents who wanted an Waldorf – inspired approach to be available within the public system. After extensive community consultation, the Toronto District School Board passed a recommendation in March, 2009, to start the school, based on the following mandate:

“The da Vinci School will be a Waldorf-inspired school, following the ideas and ethical principles of the almost 950 Waldorf schools in 60 countries.

The foci of the da Vinci School include the following:

A stimulating learning environment with integrated subjects, hands-on learning and a structured school day
Co-operative learning strategies in place in all subject areas
A high level of parental involvement to help create a positive, creative and encouraging close-knit school culture
A technology and commercial-free environment in the early grades to stimulate creativity and imagination
A supportive and responsible Code of Conduct for students”

We are currently working as a community of teachers and parents, with the support of our superintendent, trustee and the TDSB staff, as well as a mentor from the Waldorf community, to build the school as a caring community and a place for holistic learning.

Jr. & Sr. Kindergarten (ASH)
Claire Lemieux
33 Robert St, Toronto, ON
M5S 2K2
Phone #:
416-393-8204 (am)
416-393-1350 (pm)
Fax #:
Kindergarten ECE Bernadette Spain(Pugh)
Grade 1/2 (Sumach)
Jolan Canrinus
Grade 2/3 (Tamarack)
Sarah Kamrad (LTO)
Grade 4/5 (Oak)
Elizabeth Pasternak
Grade 5/6 (Cedar)

Cass Reimer

Environmental Science, Music, Health/PE
Peyton Leung
Principal J. Eric Szonyi  
Vice Principal David Gilmore  
Office Administrator (am) Elizabeth da Silva  
Head Caretaker Sheraz Khan