Da Vinci students are met each day by a smile and a handshake from their teacher. Students then begin the morning circle either outside or in their classrooms. Morning circles are a time for social, academic, physical and spiritual development. Students learn class and school songs, practice moving in rhythm with their classmates, play number games and get their hearts pumping and enthusiasm growing for the day ahead.

Following the morning circle, students gather together for storytelling. Teachers deliver all aspects of the curriculum through lively, age appropriate tales which allow the students to easily understand processes like addition, changes of seasons or the art of composing a letter.

Students are then given the opportunity to apply their knowledge through individual, paired and group activities, and record their understanding in learning journals they call ‘main lesson books’.

The morning activities are based around two hour teaching and learning periods called ‘main lesson blocks’. Main lesson blocks are based around a theme such as ‘A world of numbers’ or ‘Spring’. More information about the specific themes and activities of each class can be found under the curriculum section of each class page.

After the academic focus of the morning activities, students develop their physical and social skills during the afternoons. Each week, students will participate in craft and handwork, gym, cooperative games, music and recorder, nature walks and preparations for festivals and celebrations. In addition, we offer activities such as swimming, cooking classes, library visits, visits from community members and experts, as well as regular class trips.

da Vinci and Lord Lansdowne students join for recess, lunch and special concerts, presentations and performances by visiting artists. As well, individual classes may work together on joint projects in the arts or in one of the subject areas.

Da Vinci School Daily Schedule

Morning Entry        8:45 am
Classes start            8:50 am
Morning recess      10:40 – 10:50 am

Lunch dismissal:

Kindergarten      11:20 am
Gr 1 to 6               11:30 am   daily

Lunch Entry       12:25 pm

Classes start             12:30 pm   daily

Please note: these afternoon entry times differ from Lord Lansdowne lunch. This is due to a change in the delivery of the Integrated International Languages programme at Lord Lansdowne.

pm recess              1:50 – 2:00 pm

Afternoon dismissal: 

Kindergarten     3:00  pm
Gr 1 to 5              3:10  pm

Please drop off and pick your child up on time.