Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to become a part of the life of the school. Teachers, in the Waldorf tradition, are in charge of the classroom and the delivery of curriculum, but we need parent support to make learning personal, positive and meaningful.

We welcome volunteers. All adult volunteers are required by the TDSB to complete a Police Record Check before volunteering, for safety reasons.  At da Vinci, you might find parents reading or working with small groups of students or working on a class project in the classroom.

We recognize that many parents work during the school day, and are not always able to come into school during class time. Parents can also help in the organization of seasonal festivals, class trips, fundraising activities, playground greening and communication. Each class has a class parent who is responsible for organizing volunteers and keeping other parents up to date on events from the classroom. Participation in the Waldorf parent talks is a good way to meet others and share our own growth as parents.

The most important way for parents to support the school is to spend time with your child – listening, talking, making things and having fun. The role of teachers and parents complement each other. Childhood is all too fleeting – enjoy each of the wonderful stages of your child’s development!

We encourage healthy, nutritious meals and snacks, plenty of rest, and prompt arrival at school each day. ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ may sound obvious, but we find with the hectic pace of daily life, sometimes parents need reminders to make it a priority.

If you have concerns about something that happened at school, we ask that you speak right away to your child’s teacher, so problems can be addressed as soon as possible.