Technology and Commercial-Free Environment

We believe that hands-on experience and face-to-face play and talk make for the most effective learning. We discourage the overuse of technology with young children, as we believe it leads to passivity and disengagement from authentic connections with others, particularly at a young age.  The visual and verbal violence of electronic media aimed at children does not promote thoughtfulness or sensitivity to the feelings of others. We ask that parents limit computer games, video-watching and TV on school nights.

We encourage alternatives to television and computer games – engaging in meaningful play, for example creating a puppet show, or domestic work, such as cooking, washing dishes and gardening. Family activities, such as reading, artistic endeavors and games provide an excellent alternative to the isolating effects that can result from television viewing.

Furthermore, da Vinci is a commercial-free school – supporting the right of children to grow up without being undermined by rampant consumerism.