School Council

The da Vinci School Council is a circle of parents, teachers, administration and community friends of da Vinci that is the official forum for parental involvement in and contribution to the school. It is the place where visions and plans for the development of the school community are discussed, developed and implemented, and where appropriate challenges are met. Most importantly, it’s the place where we all experience and participate in the building of community through initiatives and events that support our children, the teachers and ourselves.
The da Vinci School Council is organized into the elected Council Executive, various Committees and the full Council.

Governance Model

The DaVinci School operates within the context of educational legislation: the Education Act and its regulations and policies, and the policies and procedures of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).
In June of 2009, the da Vinci School Council passed a set of By-Laws which govern our work together.

The School Council is an advisory body responsible for working with the principal and teachers to maintain the school’s vision, mission and goals.  Preservation of the uniqueness of the mandate is important in order to maintain support from the TDSB for this school as an alternative.  The Council facilitates open communication with respect and dignity within the school community through discussion, updates, announcements and curriculum education by principals, cooperation with teachers, support staff, guest speakers, parents, and students. The Council motivates community participation in school activities including festivals, fundraisers, volunteer activities, classroom support and playground greening and gardening.  The Council is involved in budget review, fundraising, planning and development, and other issues.  It meets monthly or on an as-needed basis to provide a forum and support network.

A strong collaboration is at the heart of the Council. We draw on the strengths of parents and a communal commitment to growing our school. Council members may have expertise in the following areas:  education, curriculum development, health education, fundraising, early childhood development, mental health, community services, the arts, finance, or business and management. However, whatever your expertise, every parent or guardian of a pupil enrolled in da Vinci School is a parent Member of the School Council.