OPAL update

The OPAL project has been very successful with the kindergarten classes. Other classes have also had the opportunity to experience OPAL in the last few months. We have started introducing OPAL loose parts at lunch recess for all grades. This will continue on a weekly basis (likely Wednesdays).

Our school values time for play, and a variety of choice in play. We recognize that mess and dirt are an integral part of play. That said, the students are responsible to clean up all loose parts (4 objects per child) in the “chuck” storage bags. There will be a team of student OPAL Rangers in charge of a final sweep, discarding any broken objects and cleaning up any remaining items. The staff observe, support, facilitate, and supervise for safety. 

Let’s play! 

LL/daV OPAL Team

ps. We are still accepting used X-mas trees in the yard – they have been used in many amazing ways!