Message from Mme Fiore-Lisi our Acting Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Just a gentle reminder that all visits to our school begin at the office. Whether you are from Lord Lansdowne or da Vinci, please sign in at the main office on arrival and pick up a badge – and then sign out when leaving. This is a routine and policy reinforced in all schools within the TDSB, to ensure the safety of the students in our care. In this regard, we hope you will understand if you should get approached by a staff member.

In cases of emergency, this routine also helps us to identify who is in our building at all times.

We thank you for your co-operation .

Also…………….in regards to change of Acting Principal
My assignment here is coming to an end, unfortunately, and Friday is my last day here. Another Acting Principal , Pat Chater, will be here for the month of April . Pat is an experienced administrator with French language also. The first week of May will be covered by Hana Maire, who was here before the Break – and if Beth is still not able to return after that – then Zoriana Bunga will return. Zoriana was also here before March Break.

Pat and I will be working together on Friday so that a smooth transition can be ensured.

All the best – and thank you for all your support.
Toni Fiore Lisi,
Acting Principal