OPAL wants to re-use your trees!

Dear families,

da Vinci/Lord Lansdowne continues to be part of a program in the TDSB for Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL).

Like last year, we will collect your used Christmas trees as materials for students to play with as part of the OPAL initiative.
You may drop off your tree by the storage shed in the schoolyard. We will accept trees until Friday January 18, 2019.
We are looking forward to seeing the students use these natural materials in their play.
Thank-you for your ongoing support in OPAL!

Your LL/daV OPAL Team

Buy Nothing Day – Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for some parents to help with an event that the school Eco Club is hosting on “Buy Nothing Day” (November 23rd). Specifically we are organizing a school wide “swap” where families donate practical things they have outgrown (e.g clothing, skates, winter gear, books) and students have the opportunity to take something they need. It is a good step toward taking care of our Earth!

Please let us know if this is something that you would be willing to help with. We will need a team of parent volunteers to make this a success.
Lord Lansdowne/da Vinci Eco Team
Contact: peyton.leung@tdsb.on.ca

Lantern Walk – Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Lantern Walk 

Wednesday, November 20th from 5:30pm-6:30pm we will come together for our annual Lantern Walk.  

For those new to the school, the lantern walk is a celebration between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice when we acknowledge the light shining within each of us; that this light needs to be fed and protected just as the light in our lanterns. We band together as a community to create light and warmth as the cold and darkness set in for the season.

The children will be making lanterns with their classroom teachers but, if you’re inspired, we encourage families to make and bring their own lantern for the walk as well! There are so many different lanterns that can be made – from quick and easy to seriously crafty! Here are just a couple of the great ideas we saw:



We will be singing as we walk. Attached are the lyrics to the songs. Feel free to practice them at home with your children. They might be surprised that you know!

We will begin in the school yard at 5:30, meeting on Crocodile Island (your kids will know where that is!)

There, we will “light” our lanterns (with LED lights saved from previous years) and sing our first song (possibly as a round?) From there, we will process through the neighbourhood. Please note that children must be accompanied by parents on the walk for safety. The route will be North on Robert St. to Harbord St., West on Harbord to Major St., South on Major to College St. and then back East to Robert and North once more to the school, where we will circle onto the field for a final song. It’s a rather magical experience and we’re hoping to enlist your help to keep the songs going and the talking to whispers!

When we return to the school we come together in a circle for one final song and then enjoy some warm drinks and treats.

If you can, please bring some nut-free baked goods to share (gluten-free and vegan welcome!), and bring mugs for the hot cider. If you have any spare mugs that you want to donate, we are collecting some extra mugs for people who forget to bring one. We are really trying to keep the event as waste-free as possible. If you have a mug please contact Janerae and she will make sure it’s added to the collection.

If you can help with set-up or clean-up, please sign up here

Thanks and looking forward to celebrating with you!

Sincerely, Stephen, Andrew and Declan, our Lantern Walk Committee!

da Vinci Lantern Walk Songs

—–(click on song titles for audio reference links)—–

Fire’s Burning (traditional)

This will be sung as a 3-part round.
Fire’s burning, fire’s burning
Draw nearer, draw nearer
In the gloaming*, in the gloaming
Come sing and be merry

*Gloaming is an archaic term for dusk, the time of day between daylight and darkness.

Humbly (Laurence Cole)

This song has 3 parts sung together in canon, parents can sing Part 1 over and over

Part 1: Humbly we walk here, humbly we sing here, humbly we bless this ground.

Part 2: Humbly, and with gratitude, remembering the ancient ones who walked this ground.

Part 3: Humbly, we walk this ground with the Spirit of Blessing in our hearts.

Rise Up O’ Flame (traditional)

This will be sung as a 3-part round.

Rise up o’ flame
By thy light glowing
Bring to us beauty
Vision and joy

This Little Light of Mine (H. D. Loes)

This song will be sung in unison.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. x3
Let it shine. x3 (all verses in same format)
Everywhere I go, I’m gonna let it shine…
In my brother’s heart, I’m gonna let it shine…
In my sister’s soul…
All around the world…
(quietly) This little light of mine…

(at end, repeat “Let it shine” x3 slowly)

I Walk with My Little Lantern
This song will be sung in unison. 

I walk with my little lantern,                               
My lantern, myself and I,                                                      
Above the stars are shining,
On Earth we are stars to the sky.
The rooster crows, the cat meows:                                     
Hey! Hey! Hey!
La bimmel, la bummel, la bey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! 
La bimmel, la bummel, la bey!

Glimmer Lantern Glimmer

This song will be sung in unison.

Glimmer, lantern, glimmer,
Little stars a-shimmer,
Over meadow, moor and dale,

Flitter, flutter elfin veil,
Pee-witt, pee-witt, tick-a-tick-a-tick,
Rou-cou, rou-cou.
Glimmer, lantern, glimmer,
Little stars a-shimmer,
Over rock and stock and stone,

Wander tripping little gnome,
Pee-witt, pee-witt, tick-a-tick-a-tick,
Rou-cou, rou-cou.


Jump Rope for Heart – April 24, 2018

Dear daVinci and Lord Lansdowne Families,

Jump Rope for Heart has been a huge success due to the fundraising efforts of many students and families!! We have reached our goal of $3300.00 to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Please take note of the following, including the CHANGE OF DATE FOR THE EVENT:

1) NEW DATE for JUMP ROPE FOR HEART: We have decided to postpone the event in order to hold it outside on Tuesday April 24th, Day 2. Apologies for any inconvenience.

2) DEADLINE for FUNDRAISING: If there are any students or families that would still like to fundraise, we will be accepting donations until the end of next week. The last day will be Friday April 6th 2018.

3) SUBMISSION of ENVELOPES: Students may submit their envelopes to their classroom teachers.

Thanks again for your participation and support, and best wishes for the long weekend.


The Jump Squad

Patterning With Mandalas

In Birch class we use mandalas to help with developing a mindfulness practice, to encourage fine motor skill when colouring and to introduce patterning.  This week as we explored two dimension shapes using pattern blocks, students began to spontaneously create mandalas on their own.  As I walked around the room listening to them talk the students were discussing how a mandala is a growing pattering.  Some students also began to discover the relationship between the shapes.  “Two triangles make a diamond, and that’s why they fit together in this layer of the mandala.” Another student remarked, “Three triangles make up a trapezoid.”

Counting By Fives

Counting by Fives doesn’t need to be hard.  In Birch class, we saved the pumpkin seeds from our fall pumpkins and use them as manipulatives.  In this activity, students were asked to solve how many pumpkin seeds were in their bowls, but they were not allowed to count by ones.  This student chose to organize her seeds by fives and label her count to make it easier to track.  When each student finished counting their own seeds, their sums were added together to solve how many pumpkin seeds our pumpkin had.