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General School Council Meeting – Monday, Nov. 14


da Vinci School Council 2011/2012 General Meeting # 3

NOV 14, 2011

6:30-8:30 pm

To be held in a third floor classroom. All da Vinci School parents/guardians, teachers, staff and community welcome! Childcare provided in separate classroom.

1. Welcome, Council Executive report  15 minutes (6:30-6:45pm)

introduction of new school council executive, and report on executive work in progress and future work

  • Council Mandate – da Vinci School Mandate, TDSB mandate for School Councils
  • school survey summary, CPR
  • communications structure – class reps, executive newsletters
  • school calendar of events
  • set up of committees
  • school profile
  • development of a school code of conduct
  • Executive announcements:  lateness/ late arrival procedure, volunteers police check  procedure, TDSB Parent Concern Protocol
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Executive expense requests  for Council approval

2.  Principal’s report  – update from Beth on school/board, issues and events  10 minutes (6:45- 6:55pm)

3. Survey Summary   – Mary to present a summary of the results from the 2010/2011 da Vinci community survey, taken last June  10 minutes (6:55- 7:05pm)

4.  CPR – Richard to introduce CPR, a methodology and approach to goal setting, present the Executive’s CPR (document attached), and lead a group CPR 45 minutes (7:05-7:50pm)

5. Events Committee Report  – Carolina to report on the Events Committee work on the Winter Fair, and present Winter Fair operating budget request for council approval  10 minutes (7:50-8pm)

6. Communications Committee Report  – Ian to report on the Communications Committee work, and present operating budget request for council approval  10 minutes (8:00-8:10 pm)

7. Safe and Caring Schools Committee – introduction of new committee to be set up  10 minutes (8:10-8:20 pm)

8.  Closing Summary/ Miscellaneous  – general question and answer, discussion of any miscellaneous items, or clarification on items discussed in the meeting    10 minutes (8:20-8:30 pm)


School Council Executive Members:

Beth Mills, School Principal/ Robin Holmes-Smith, School Vice-Principal, Richard Stewart, co-chair, Mary Ptucha, co-chair, Nicole Winston, secretary, Cheryl Hooper, treasurer, Cindy Waldman, member-at-large, Carolina Berinstein, member-at-large