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School Advisory Council

We are a volunteer advisory body, formed by the parents and guardians of da Vinci students.

Our purpose is to work alongside the staff to enhance our children’s educational experience and to strengthen their sense of community, both within the school and around our neighbourhood.

We encourage parents to attend School Council meetings so that they can have a voice in the decisions being made about their children’s experience at da Vinci. Council meets every other month throughout the school year.

Have a question or want to get in contact with the council? 



Hayley Walkden & Declan O’Driscoll

Roger Mendonca

Ian Hooper

Joanne Blanchette, Anita Joudrey, Dave Marks, Declan O’Driscoll

Handwork, Health & Safety, Hot lunch, Safe & Caring Schools, Pizza Lunch, Fundraising, Communications, Snack, Ward Reps, Volunteer Coordinator, Class Rep Liaison, Extra-Curriculars, Outdoor Planning.

To join the team or connect with any of our reps or sub-committee members,
please send us an email and we will connect you!



  • Welcome, Hospitality
  • Parent Education
  • Festivities – Support and assist with organization and implementation of festivals and special events
  • Liaison with faculty via class parents and council meetings
  • Marketing and outreach/PR
  • Grant applications
  • Fundraising
  • Support class initiatives through funding and volunteers
  • Tracking and Accounting school council funds
  • Organizing school council meetings in liaison with school office (childcare etc)
  • Volunteer coordination with VP and faculty
  • Teacher Appreciation


  • Classroom organization and set-up
  • Classroom pedagogy
  • Curriculum implementation
  • Instruction and assessment
  • Selection of resources
  • Remedial support and enrichment
  • Classroom management and discipline
  • Professional Learning, including a balance
  • of Ministry/Board and Waldorf – inspired
  • curriculum and teaching practice
  • Organization and booking of field trips
  • Organization and preparation for concerts and major festivals
  • Parent education via class meetings and parent/teacher conferences
  • Liaison with parents through class parent and school council

principal / vice-principal

  • Ministry and TDSB relationship
  • Compliance with Ministry and TDSB policies, procedures and processes
  • Liaison and compliance with legal, procedural, contractual matters
  • Leadership in curriculum and school identity, in liaison with faculty, Waldorf mentor, board personnel and school council 
  • Hiring and evaluation of staff
  • Expenditures and accounting for school budget and board funds
  • Facilities – point person for all operations and management proposals and concerns
  • Day-to-day management of school and programs
  • Student safety and wellbeing
  • Supervision
  • Student supervision and discipline