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Jan. 12 School Council Executive Meeting #3 Agenda

Jan 12, 2012
6:15-8:00 pm

To be held in a third floor classroom. All da Vinci School parents/guardians, teachers, staff and community welcome! Childcare provided in separate classroom.

School Council Executive Members:
Beth Mills, School Principal/ Robin Holmes-Smith, School Vice-Principal, Richard Stewart, co-chair, Mary Ptucha, co-chair, Nicole Winston, secretary, Cheryl Hooper, treasurer, Cindy Waldman, member-at-large, Carolina Berinstein, member-at-large
  1. Chair’s address – a quick announcement

    5 minutes (6:15-6:20)

    • executive personnel announcement
    • family dinners at council meetings – review of conditions/expectations
  2. Principal’s address – update from Beth on school/board, issues and events

    5 minutes for a general address here, then Beth can speak to each specific issue as we go through the agenda below (6:20-6:25)

  3. Parent concerns – issues raised by parents to discuss with Beth:

    10 minutes (6:25-6:35)

    • Head Lice – the school sends out the head lice protocol notice each time they are told of a case, are parents clear on protocol to follow when they discover their child has lice?
      What is the school’s internal protocol with respect to cleaning the classroom when there is a lice outbreak?
    • Classroom cleanliness – how is this monitored and maintained?
    • Lord Lansdowne/da Vinci joint events/ongoing programs – are any planned for this term? How will they be communicated to parents? Any council involvement needed?
    • Lunch Room behavior – any feedback from the lunchroom supervisors on the lunch room environment?
    • Affordability of school events – what process is in place for subsidizing the cost of school events, such as trips, for families in need? Are parents aware of this option? How can the Council help?
  4. Information Night  – planning session to fine tune schedule for the evening, and define and plan parent involvement

    30 minutes (6:35-7:05)

    • What the staff have planned
    • Parent involvement – could some parents speak to their experience as part of the evening? be available to answer questions?
    • Classroom visits during school day
    • Review of Parent application questionnaire used in past years – is it fulfilling it’s purpose? do we want to change anything?
    • Flyers to advertise the event
    • confirm any take away tasks – who is doing what, when?
  5.  Executive Business  – review of outstanding executive business from previous meetings, and future plans

    30 minutes (7:05-7:35)

    • Validate Meetings – confirm dates and times of this year’s planned meetings, discuss options to make the meetings workable for all families involved, but still inclusive for whole community
    • School Profile – a review of the existing document, is there anything we want to change – anything that should be emphasized more, or spelled out more clearly?
    • Code of Conduct – Mary to update on Safe and Caring School’s Committee set up, goal is for this committee to prepare a draft for the Code of Conduct to propose to council in March; executive to share thoughts on this, anyone want to be involved on the committee level?
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • CPR – review of where we are at in the process, where we go from here; reschedule the whole community CPR session for the next general council meeting?
  6. Parent Talks – formulate plan for parent talks with Marg

    20 minutes (7:35-7:55)

    • What are the issues and needs that parents would like Marg to speak to, as a school community?
    • What came out of the CPR work that can be part of Marg’s work with us?
    • Marg’s availability/scheduled time with teachers
    • Confirm take away tasks – who is doing what, when?
  7. Miscellaneous  –  anything not covered, list of future action items

    5 minutes (7:55-8:00)

    • Website training session with Ian – Ian would like to set up a 45 minute training session for council executive and teachers, to show us all the basics of managing the website – how to upload pictures, post news and events, and edit the calendar – discussion of possible meeting date
    • Parking – Cindy has done some legwork into the parking situation – future action?
    • Setting agenda for next general council meeting
    • List of future action items