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School Council Meeting

Wed Mar 5th,  7–9pm


  • Welcome and Introductions. (5 mins)
  • Reading of previous minutes. (5 mins)
  • Business arising from minutes. (5 mins)
  • Old business. (10 mins)
    • Jan 30 info night
    • Teacher book list.
    • Winter clothing drive.
  • Principal’s Report. (10 mins)
  • Committee Reports. (5-­‐10 mins)

New business.

  • Planned development on the site of the Waverly Hotel. Developers attending Parent Meeting at Lord Lansdowne on Mar 18th. (10 mins)
  • Wholesaling for Chocosol as a fundraiser for the school. (15 mins) Martha Farquhar

Items deferred from last meeting.

  • Suggested donation per child fundraiser. (10 mins)
  • Committee/plan for “A da Vinci Night of Improv” fundraiser. (10 mins)
  • Applying for Indigo Adopt a school program (Committee) ( 5 mins)
    Grant Application

General questions.

  • Who is responsible for keeping our website up to date?

Next scheduled meeting:  April 2nd 7pm.